Understanding the Gatesway Scam

Understanding the Gatesway Scam

There is news going around the internet about a new invention by Bill Gates that has plans of robbing the top 1% of the richest in the country. The claim is that the product is being funded by the foundation under Bill gates, and he has spent hours of his time and millions in producing this project. The announcement has been going around the internet and people are questioning the relevance of this scheme. Similarly, there is a huge news report written on the website which claims to be CNN and is a very suspicious looking website.

The post- introducing Gatesway

When going through the website, as it is the first thing that comes in the radar, though it looks similar to the CNN official website, on further digging it becomes clear that a website is cloned from the original site and even there are minute variations in the given clips. The clips are very much different from the actual site and clicking any of the news links takes to an entirely different news report. This is an important fault that proves that the website that established this news is fake.

The video.

There is a video doing the rounds where Bill Gates himself is launching the algorithm in a convention along with few other people explaining the effectiveness of this proposal and how useful it actually is. The irony is that there are a few people reviewing this product as well. Firstly, the video of Bill Gates talking is a fake one taken from another video in an online series. Another information that has been found out is that the others in the video are all paid actors doing exactly what they are paid to do. These are proofs enough to call this a fake campaign using the name of Bill Gates.

What does Gatesway do?

It is claimed in the website that Bill Gates actually created an algorithm that can directly access bank accounts of the top 1% of the richest people, and then distribute the wealth among the poorer section. It is done with the help of market investments and trading and then gives away the results as such. Gatesway review suggest detailed promotion of the website but other than that no other information relevant to the topic is provided. It is better people research more before going forward with their investment in this area.