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Here's where we live, in a 150 year old building, that goes on forever, and then connects with another just like it. Big, heavy blocks.

This what we see across the street.

While many of the buildings are "cookie cutter", there are still a multitude of very ornate styles.

This gadget, the Falkirk Wheel, carries a boat in a tray of water up 101 feet, where it joins another aqueduct. This replaced a flight of 11 locks, which had been unused for many years.

Top of the swing with boat

The boat travels about 1/4 mile and under a RR bridge, which was built roughly on the Antonine Wall

Another great building, found and photoed by Deb.

Since we have a lot of Dollar Stores, Deb and Elyse wondered if there was a "Pound Store". There is

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