Baker Cabin
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      Baker Cabin Pioneer Church

 Oregon Trail emigrants left established homes and farms in the East to start anew in the wilderness that was the Oregon Country.  Emigrants packed simple farm wagons with enough food, clothing and supplies to last ans entire year before crops could be planted and harvested in Oregon.  Baker Cabin Pioneer ChurchThe journey was long and arduous, and much was lost or abandoned along the way -- treasured posssessions, wagons and livestock.  Faith endured, however, and many entered the Willamette Valley a few miles to the east of this site and along with Elizabeth Julia Goltra in 1853, "gave thanks to the all seeing eye who has watched over us across the dreary plains and still more dreary mountains."  this humble church stands as testimony to the enduring faith of Oregon's early settlers.
        This church (Buenker German Methodist) was built in 1894 and originally stood a few miles to the southeast near the intersection of Strowbridge and springwater roads.  the building was moved to this site in 1967 and restored in 1970-71 by the Baker Cabin Historical society.
        "...we came in site of houses and gardens, fields and fences!  My heart arose in gratitude to God that we had been spared to reach this land!  Six long months have elapsed since we left our native land, and now after having passed through dangers seen and unseen, sickness, trial and difficulty, toil and fatigue, we are safely landed on the Pacific shores!  Thus far the Lord has led us on."  "Hitherto He has helped us.  What shall we render unto His name for his goodness unto us?"
Esther Belle McMillan Hanna; September 16, 1852.

Baker Cabin Interpretive PanelThe Baker Cabin

Horace Baker emigrated from Illinois along the Oregon Trail in 1846 and married fellow emigrant Jane Hattan in 1852. The Bakers claimed 640 acres and built this cabin by 1856. the Baker Cabin is one of the oldest log structures in the state, and it is the only known log cabin with a cantilever supported loft and exterior stairway built in Oregon during the covered wagon era. The Baker Cabin was listed in the National Register of  Historic Places in 1976.  Horace Baker was an entrepeneur and "jack of all trades." Besides farming, Baker built and installed wooden pumps around the local area, and in 1872 he built and operated a slack-cable ferry on the Clackamas river. rock quarried from this land by Baker during the 1870s was used to build Willamette Falls Locks near Oregon city, Portland's Pioneer  Courthouse, the Portland Hotel, and the Tillamook Lighthouse.          

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