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Square Barn - Step 2

Okay. Here's the brief explanation. I'll  work out the numbers on the next page. Each time you reach a corner of the barn the rope is 10 feet shorter for the next arc. In this case there will only be 3 arcs: 3/4 of a 50 foot radius circle + 2 wedges of a 40 foot circle, figuring the goat would come from both sides. The point of the two arcs crossing becomes the apex of an isosceles triangle, whose base is the horizontal diagonal of the barn. You need to figure the area triangle and subtract the portion of the barn contained within it.

I hope you know at least beginning trigonometry. Knowing the three sides of the triangle, we can find all the angles and the area. You need to find the lower angle of the triangle and subtract from 135, which is the angle the rope would make if allowed to continue around and rest on the diagonal. That will be the angle of the wedges.

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