Once again I am preparing for a cross-country trip following Lewis and Clark across the country during the 200th anniversary of their famous journey. Folks all over the country and Canada are also getting ready to join me in St. Charles, MO, to begin our adventure aboard the motor coach below. Through this website you can take a virtual tour along with us. Tom Laidlaw

Every time I come to St.Charles to start one of these trips, I meet old friends and see new interpretive developments. But some of the old friends, who befriended me greatly are gone now. I especially miss Glenn Bishop and Peter Geery. They were driving forces in the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, whose members are right now approaching the Rocky Mountains, just like Lewis and Clark did 200 years ago.

One thing I was particularly anxious to see is the new Confluence State Park. In the left picture you are looking at the Missouri coming from the left to meet the Mississippi. In the right picture we are looking downstream with the Missouri on the right.

Above is a picture of the confluence then and now. (Bleu is then, white is now). At its right is the new confluence tower on the Illinois side. it is not finished, so I guess I will have to wait until next year's trip to see the view. Below are two replicas of Camp River Dubois. On the left with inward sloping roofs is the design of the State of Illinois, at Hartford, IL near the modern confluence. On the right, with ou-sloping roofs is the replica built by members of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, whose members are re-enacting the entire journey.