Columbia River Connection

THE REASONING behind this website came from the need to inform my Northwest chapter of the Oregon – California Trails Association of the amazing connection between Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery and the Oregon Trail provided by the Columbia River. My reading and research resulted in an overpowering need of “personal discovery” into these remarkable journeys and over the past five years, has led me to the point of trying to put into words my feelings and sense of incredible awe of the men, women and children who set out on their own personal journeys of discovery.

There are always some genius and wise people, who go beyond the call of duty and want to do something for the society. They want to share their experiences and wisdom with others so that everyone can benefit. Monetary considerations are not that important for such people, and they want to be content and happy with what they have.

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I am also trying something similar.

Therefore, this website is my attempt to #1 bring more recognition to the Lewis and Clark journey through the state of Washington, #2 to bring awareness to my readers of the relationship of the Corps of Discovery with the Oregon Trail and #3 to show the powerful Columbia River at its height of glory. This time frame will cover the years 1805-1860 and hopefully make clear to the reader the Columbia River Connection: Lewis & Clark and the Oregon Trail. We also offer tours, lectures and character talks about Lewis & Clark, Oregon Trail, Mullan Road and other significant Pacific Northwest historical sites and trails. Go to Tours and Talks for more complete information.
At present we are up to Oct. 19, 1805. New stuff is coming soon, meanwhile perhaps you’d like to read about Chief Concomly’s Head. And be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for several new pictures.

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