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Oregon Trail Kiosk Tour
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Old Ft. Boise Snake River Crossing Old Ft. Boise Replica
Keeney Pass
Malheur River Vale, OR
Alkali springs Ontario
Farewell Bend Farewell Bend
Burnt River Canyon Weatherby Rest Area
Flagstaff Hill Baker Valley Rest Area National Historic O.T. Interpretive Center
North Powder
Ladd Hill Charles Reynolds Rest Area
La Grande Hilgard State Park
Blue Mountain Crossing Emigrant State Park

All these areas are clearly mentioned in the map, that help you visit the points sequentially. If the instructions are given clearly then you can follow the path and enjoy the scenery without worrying about getting lost. The instructions are very important, when the process is complex. Many people may not even pay attention to the small print and may miss out some crucial information.

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Deadman Pass Deadman Pass Umatilla Tribes
Corral Springs Pendleton Pendleton
Ft. Henrietta Stanfield Rest Area
Echo Meadows
Well Spring Well Spring
MacDonald Ford Arlington, OR
Deschutes River Crossing Deschutes River Crossing
The Dalles Memaloose Rest Area
Hood River/Cascade Locks
Government Camp
Sandy, OR – Jonsrud Viewpt.
Foster’s Farm
Baker Cabin
End of the O. T. Interpretive Center
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
Whitman Mission NHS Homepage