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Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley

This is a photo of the 1993 national OCTA convention held in Baker City. Many people came unprepared for the arid Virtue Flats and came without water. And the faster walkers beat the buses back to the end. It became known as the OCTA Death March. Jim Tompkins

Pleasant Valley"Started up a long hill without any timber, as we reached the summit, little sister Rosa was sitting down in front. she jumped up in great glee and said "Johnnie, I see the Boo Mountains, '  looking toward the north and west the Blue Mountains were in plain view......in the state of atmosphere they appeared to be a beautiful blue..." (John Johnson, 1851)

Pleasant ValleyPleasant Valley Locator Map
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Pleasant Valley ends the Burnt River canyon and begins the climb to  Flagstaff Hill, which is the divide between the Burnt River and Powder River watersheds. Many people described the climb and the view.

Word Games:  The pioneers were called emigrants because they were leaving the United States, but it seems to me that once they were half - way to the Willamette Valley they became immigrants. Any takers?

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