Second Umatilla Crossing

“Traveled 17 miles 4 to the river   the roads fork near the river   one takes down the Columbia the other crosses the Eumatilla and keeps up from the Columbia bottom   here we found a trading post and men employed in building an indian agency   the information that we could get was that the left hand road was much the best road and grass but water scarce. (Susan Amelia Cranston, Aug 17, 1851).
They must have been nearly done for only 3 weeks later Charles A. Brandt wrote: 
“Came to the Agency. Here is the first frame house we have seen in Oregon. Here we heard of the Promised Land. Could see the snow capped tops of the Mounts St. Helen’s and Ranier. Clear day. Sunday.”

.Ft. Henrietta

This bastion replica memorializes the army post which was built across the Umatilla River from present Echo, OR by Major Mark Chinn in 1855. It was named for the wife of his commander , Major Granville Haller. Excavation has found many bullets and broken clay pipes.

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Ft. Henrietta Locator Map


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Word Games: According to the Oregon Geographic Names Umatilla is the Indian word for river, so when we say Umatilla River we are really saying river River. Let me see, now. What’s my PIN number?