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FFour Mile Canyon BLM Signour Mile Canyon

Very distinct ruts going up the hill. In fact you can see several trails here.

"Monday,September 14 (1852). this day we traveled about twenty miles [from Willow Creek]   The road was hilly, but generally hard. we encamped in a perfect bed of sand by a small spring, where we arrived after dark.  the greater part of us sick, and owing to darkness we were unable to obtain anything for fire but green cedar, which would not burn, consequently we crept into bed supperless." (Cornelia Sharp, 1852)

No ruts are visible on this side of the hill at Montague, but these old signs remain from earlier markings of the trail. Has anyone done a history of the various markings of the Oregon Trail? That would be quite a project in itself. If  I could get a grant I might take it on myself.

Just in--from Jim Renner. these particular signs were erected by Oregon Dept. of transportation for the state's centennial in 1959. Thanks, Jim

 Weatherford MonumentThe Weatherford Monument is one of the most elaborate on the Oregon Trail,  just out of  Four Mile Canyon on the way to McDonald's Ford of the John Day River. But it is in need of cleaning. Are there any latter-day Weatherfords around?. It's easy to reach on Rte. 19 , South of Arlington, OR. This picture shows only the plaque which is hung from a huge log frame topped by an ox yoke. It must be 16  feet tall, and certainly the most massive monument on the trail.

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